We created Geovey to help you crowdsource information.

Maps are brilliant at engaging individuals within their localities and they are the ideal mechanism for gathering new data or information. As anyone to pinpoint something upon a map and they will find it easy to do. Geovey is designed to help you gather data or information linked to a location.

Maybe you want to know the best sites for a new shop? Maybe you're interested in documenting local history? Maybe you're trying to catalogue broken infrastructure? Maybe you just want ideas as to how a neighbourhood could be improve?

Geovey will help you do all of these things are more. It's really simple to use. All you have to do is tell your community what it is you want to know and then point them at the map. Geovey takes care of the rest, guiding them through adding their suggestions and giving you the data you require. With Geovey you can create a portfolio of crowdsourcing campaigns covering as many topics as you desire.

How to use it

Create an Account - you need an account with Geovey to get started. This can be created by registering with an email address. Once you have an account set up you can create and manage your own crowdsourcing campaign instantly. Use the following link to Sign In

Create a campaign - Your campaign will represent the area you are interested in. It simply needs a description covering the purpose of your crowdsourcing exercise and the data you are aiming to collect. Get started by clicking on the top right hand of the screen.

Follow the wizard - a few simple steps are all that's required to get your campaign published. Our wizard will guide you through the process during which you can:-

  • Give your campaign a title
  • Mark a location upon the map
  • Describe the data you are looking to capture
  • Add an image to illustrate it further
  • Set an end date for the data gathering exercise

Publish your campaign - once you are happy that everything is ready simply click "Make Live" and your campaign will go live.

Share your campaign - Geovey contains all of the tools you need to share your campaign via email or the social networks. Geovey can also create QR codes that you can print upon leaflets or posters.

Monitor progress - From the top right hand menu you can access My Geovey. This shows you all of your campaigns and allows you to:-

  • Moderate uploaded images and any inappropriate language
  • View engagement and view statistics for your campaigns
  • Download crowdsourced data added by users
  • Edit or Delete a campaign

Create a review - once you are finished gathering data you may want to end the exercise by telling your users how you got on. Geovey allows you to create a simple summary of the crowdsourcing exercisse that will be displayed once you are finished.